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ZIP 8 Soild Fuel Cubes

ZIP™ Solid Fuel Cubes
ZIP™ Solid Fuel Cubes

Award winning, naturally derived biofuel for use with all Boilex stoves 

ZIP’s award winning cooking fuel is non-toxic and lights readily in all weather conditions. With a burn time of up to 18 minutes, this fuel burns longer to ensure maximum power and cooking time. These fuel cubes are formulated using naturally derived, fully sustainable biofuel. In addition, they are classified as non-hazardous and safe for wildlife, whilst the wrapped technology ensures the cubes are odourless and waterproof.

Available in Pack Size

8 Cubes


‘Just light the wrapper’
Burns for up to 18 minutes
Odourless & Food Safe - won’t taint food
Safe for wildlife


Quick, powerful & easy to light in all weather conditions
Made from non-toxic natural biofuel
Clean burn – no soot
For use with Zip Outdoor Cooking Systems

Preparation and Usage

Stove use

  1. Assemble and set up stove in accordance with stove manufacturer’s instructions. Position the fuel cube (in its wrapper) centrally in the bottom of the stove with the seam facing upwards. For more heat, add additional cubes as required, but do not overfill. If wet, shake thoroughly to remove any excess water prior to placing in position.
  1. Light the wrapper of the fuel cube. Zip recommends using long safety matches.
  1. Allow approximately 30 to 60 seconds for the fuel wrapper to achieve all over burn.
  1. Place liquid and/or food sachet in your cup, pot or pan. Carefully place on the cooking platform and allow the water to heat the food.


IMPORTANT: Ensure adequate ventilation if stove and fuel are used indoors. Do not remove the wrapper from the fuel cube, simply light the wrapper.

Always take care with open flames and hot liquids.

  • Keep away from children and pets.
  • Do not light fuel in your hand. Always light the fuel when placed in cooker.
  • If unintentional skin contact occurs, wash area thoroughly with soap and water.
  • If unintentional eye contact occurs, wash eye with water for several minutes.
  • If irritation persists, seek medical attention.

When cooking:

  • During cooker use, the cup, pot or pan must always be placed on top of the cooker.
  • Do not overfill your cup, pot or pan with liquid or food.
  • Do not allow contents of cup, pot or pan to boil dry.
  • After use, allow the flame to extinguish (either naturally or by smothering).
  • Ensure the cooker and cup, pot or pan are cool before cleaning and storage.


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